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What CEO's Have to Say About: THE GENERATIVE ORGANIZATION by: William J. Schwarz

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The following are testimonials from this book:
"Good to Great is an illuminating historical research study of companies. It is a great book. The Generative Organization, From Reactive Behavior to Inspired Performance is the how to manual to achieve that greatness.
It challenges the leader who has faced great peril and crises in growing his/her business to come face to face with their own accountability and responsibility for the future of their organization. I have never read a business book that so captivated me. This is written in such a manner that you learn as you go and experience it as if you were there. It will change your entire view of business and leadership. It did mine."
Jerry Scher, CEO
"By weaving specific tools into a compelling parable, Bill Schwarz teaches us how to manage, lead—and live—better. Dale Carnegie meets Zen, and we the readers are much better off. I recommend it highly."
Strauss Zelnick
CEO of Zelnick Media
Chariman of Take Two Interactive & Time Life
"In The Generative Organization, Bill Schwarz, in the tradition of the enlightened masters, tells a story that transforms the reader’s point of view.
Through anecdote and parable, Bill weaves the principles of enlightened leadership in a manner that moved me to a new level of understanding of organizational cause and effect. Business leaders need to study this text in great detail. It’s going to change the way we do business in America. Within this text are the secret answers to why we never achieved a 30-hour work week, and why some of the best companies still can’t make money for their investors."
Michael G. Beason, Chairman
Supplier Excellence Alliance
“When we first began applying The Generative Organization principles and practices mapped out in this fascinating book, I had my doubts.
I knew we needed to bring about change, yet we had tried just about every new idea the industry leaders suggested. We poured money and resources into keeping up with the rapidly changing credit union and financial marketplace—and it was killing us—but we didn’t know it.
Within a few weeks after mapping out our underlying structure (just as Mitchell Crandall did) and discovering our leverage points, we aligned everyone around them and executed with a truly inspired organization’s buy in. We formed a design team and change coalitions to implement all of our growth strategies. We have not looked back. The results have been spectacular.
This book captures our entire experience, except for the ‘sweat lodge.’ It is a must read for all executives who are serious about understanding their organization, themselves and in building a team that can execute strategically.
Kent Herbert, CEO
Eastern Florida Financial Credit Union
"Bill Schwarz’s book, The Generative Organization, is a must read for any progressive leader. It is one that I personally could not put down once I started to read it. Bill is a wonderful story teller, and one with a message of how to succeed in today’s complex world. His stories are well crafted and one after another cut through the complexity to a simple message.
He takes the reader on a journey we all must take at some level if we are going to make a difference. It is based on the natural way the world works . . . Systems Thinking . . . as living systems exist all around us and are the way we need to THINK DIFFERENTLY in all that we do. Everything is interconnected in today’s global economy and this book absolutely hits the executive reader over the head with a 2x4. Don’t even think about growing your business without the knowledge and wisdom in this book. It cuts to the core as to why companies fail to execute strategically. If there is one book you read this year, this is it."
Stephen Haines, Founder and CEO
The Centre for Strategic Management
"I was fortunate enough (though somewhat painfully) to go through the process that Mitchell Crandall experienced in this book. When I made it to the other side, I had learned a complete new set of skills. The skills that it takes to be a change agent.
I first encountered and engaged Bill Schwarz and applied the principles outlined in this must-read book as the founder and CEO of Digital Communications Associates (DCA). It resulted in us working our way out of a totally reinforcing vicious circle of reactive behavior. Then we merged with another out-of-control company and had to do it again. As we continued to grow, we had to learn how to manage change in the middle of a perfect storm. We did it and became the darling of the hi-tech world in the Southeast.
We continued to grow the company and were able to very successfully go public. The shareholders (many of whom were employees) experienced great returns on their investment and trust.
Since then I have had the opportunity to take three more companies through this process. I discovered the sooner you do it, the sooner you will be able to control your organizational destiny. In each case the process was very intense, but when complete, everyone felt a boundless release of energy.
However, despite the high energy, I discovered that maintaining alignment around leverage points requires absolute discipline. Unfortunately, there is no pressure to do the right things. To do the right things, all you can do is maintain focus on a few principles and laws as described in this book.
You have to become a focus- driven company. The change produced by this process frees the enthusiasm and creative energies of everyone in a manner that propels a company to new levels of innovation and inspired performance.
If you are a CEO, I recommend that you not only read this book, but live it. The principles revealed here will transform your company into a ‘Generative Organization.’ It will be a rough ride getting there (worse before better) but the results are truly astounding when accomplished."
John Alderman, Founder and Chairman
Digital Communications Associates
"If you are leading an organization, this book is like a guidance system that tells you where to turn and warns you before you make the wrong decisions. There is a lot of talk about working on the organization, not in it. This book tells you how.
The principles you will find here have profoundly impacted the direction our company is headed and have personally changed my life. Our firm has never been as focused and as energized as we have been since we started working together with Bill Schwarz to create our future and build a Generative Organization. We set a sales record last year and are on our way to setting another one this year.
As a former college professor and now businessman and consultant, I must tell you not to read this book unless you want to change. If you do, then don’t just read it, study it before every major decision you make."
Edwin T. Cornelius, Ph.D.,
Founder and president,
Cornelius & Associates
"This book is incredible. It reads like a guided missile that strikes right at the heart of our industry. Whether a company is in survival or growing rapidly, Bill Schwarz has written the manual for taking an organization out of reactive behavior and to the next level of greatness. His message fits for small business as much as the very largest and most sophisticated.
This book is full of principles and laws that must be lived by and cannot be avoided—or violated. It is full of tools for thinking differently that can literally change the structure of an organization. It guides the CEO down a path of self-discovery that leads to being able to become a focus-driven company. It provides a way to assess, design, align and execute growth strategies and achieve competitive advantage.
For the leader who lives by these principles, I believe it will be the difference maker."
Rachel Ann Shattah, President/CEO
Printing Industry Association of Georgia, Inc.
"I have written 20 books on quality and management, traveled the world addressing executives; after reading The Generative Organization, I have finally found the wisdom that CEOs need to have in order to implement quality and major improvements into their organization.
Bill Schwarz presents real down-to-earth (the Law of Nature) principles and practices for leading an organization. He says, “You can only control what has not yet happened” and then tells you how.
Most executives look in the rear view mirror (at financials and what happened yesterday). Bill gives us the ability to create the future. He takes the theory of systems thinking and makes it real, usable and empowering. This book takes each reader on a vision quest that results in them seeing the world through another set of eyes that gives them real ‘leadership vision’— the ability to see—not just a vision statement on the wall. Great reading; a real page turner that you can not put down if you are leading your organization through change and strategic growth."
H. James Harrington, PH. D
Chairman of Harrington Institute
Past Chair of International Academy of Quality


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  This book is a FREE Bonus when ordering our Report entitled, Raising Capital For Your Business. The following are testimonials...
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