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Raising Capital

Financing Your Small Business with Entrepreneur Growth Capital

Raising money for a company is a daunting and mysterious task. The process is filled with potholes and all kinds of traps that can not only cause you to stumble, but can also result in catastrophic consequences if your execution is anything short of perfect.

I should know. I’ve raised millions of dollars of early stage venture capital for my companies over a 38 year career. I’ve done it right, and I’ve done it wrong.

The first time I raised money for one of my companies, I felt very intimidated. Angel investors venture capitalists are hard to find. I didn’t know where to start, and everywhere I turned, I ended up with more questions than answers.

We have over 12,000 sources of entrepreneur growth capital in our network. We can raise capital for your business and WE DON’T CHARGE AN UP FRONT RETAINER FEE. You heard that right … we only get paid a success fee when you receive your money. Virtually every company on the web who is offering services for financing your small business will charge you an up front fee. Almost ALL of those companies are not in the money raising business … they are in the up front fee business.

If you would like information about a Turn-Key solution for raising capital for your business, click on Raising Capital for My Business.

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