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Attestations of Our Start up Business Financing Services

"Tom Cramer is definitely the "go to" person if you want to learn about funding for new business as well as raising capital for any reason. Not only has he done it himself for his own companies multiple times, but he has also assisted many of his clients in every aspect of this challenging and essential function. His value add for me in this arena has been priceless."

Burr Warne, CEO
Global Classroom, Inc.

"Tom and I were partners in a computer software company. We bootstrapped the business with our own capital for the first two years. Tom's core competencies included start up business financing and financing your small business, and when it became apparent that we would need additional business start up capital, as President of the company, Tom took on the responsibility of writing the business plan and soliciting interest from venture capital companies. He successfully engineered that capital raise, and two subsequent, multi-million dollar financings.

I know that Tom has gone on to found other companies, and through his own experience in raising capital, has become a sought after expert in the area of angel investors venture capitalists."

John Weurding, President
Co-Founder, Boris Systems 

"Through his work as Chairman of The Brain Trust, Tom Cramer has delivered valuable insight and direction to business owners on business planning of all kinds. His experience and know-how have been of great value to me in my entrepreneurial endeavors."

Gary Giles, CEO
ClarityMatters, Inc. 
Inc. 500 Member

"The benefits that I have received as a participant in The Brain Trust are:

  1. Great Speakers.
  2. Valuable insights that you can leverage in your own business.
  3. Good sounding board for ideas from other memberrs.
  4. Great feedback and candor on challenges within your business.
  5. Outstanding cross section of businesses offer true out of the box thinking.
  6. Last but not least, Bill and Tom's guidance and expertise."

Russ Wheeler, President-North America
Hansgrohe, Inc.
$100 Million division of European parent

“Our lunch confirmed what I already thought...that The Brain Trust - and you as an individual component of that - is going to add great value to Core Potential's long term success as well as to my personal goals. Excited would be an understatement on my part."

Randi Drinkwater, CEO
Core Potential Marketing, LLC


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"Through his work as Chairman of The Brain Trust, Tom Cramer has delivered valuable insight and direction to business owners on business planning of all

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